WAI-EYRE FARM Horse Stud and Agistment Farm


Philippa Wakelin was employed by Wai-Eyre Farm from 30 March 1998 to 23 February 2003 as a general Stud assistant.


Her position was mainly working with horses and their foals but she was also involved with deer and cattle.


Philippa assisted with the collection and distribution of semen, from the stallions on our stud, to other studs throughout New Zealand and Australia. She also helped with the foaling of mares, the subsequent serving of those mares and miscellaneous stud duties as required.


Philippa was responsible for entering information relating to our breeding mares onto our database. This required accuracy, a good working knowledge of spreadsheets and the computer in general. Her clerical work was always well presented and she was very particular to keep errors to a minimum.


In the time she was working for Wai-Eyre Farm Philippa showed initiative and the willingness to learn. She could be trusted to supervise other staff and was able to organize her time effectively to manage all her tasks.


I have found Philippa to be a reliable and conscientious worker.


I would recommend her to any future employer and wish her good luck in her career choice.


If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me on either (03) 312 6938 or (0274) 732 250.


Yours faithfully

Darryl Brown



July 95

Phillipa completed three weeks working in my Harness Racing Stables.


During this time Phillipa displayed a good knowledge of horses and the day to day running of a busy stable. She was a keen and willing worker who quickly became part of the team.


I was able to offer Phillipa a couple of race drives during this time and she showed she was also a capable reinswoman.


Due to current staffing levels I was unable to offer Phillipa a position within my stables.


Darrel W. Graham - Trainer/Driver

Albion - Queensland



This reference is for Phillipa Wakelin who has worked for me for the past 2 years. During this time I have found her to be a tireless worker and a very capable horsewoman and I have no hesitation in recommending her for a stable position anywhere. Also her driving capabilities allowed her to outdrive her 30 win allowance in Australian record time.


Stuart Hunter





Philippa Wakelin has been in my employ for 3 years under the Harness Horse Cadet Scheme. I have found her a competent and reliable worker and is capable of taking charge.


E.N. Crawford



Stephen Noble has worked for me for the past 2 years. During this time I have found him to be one of the most conscientious and dedicated stablehands I have come across. I have no hesitation in recommending this tireless work to any stable in the country.


Stuart Hunter






Integrated Veterinary Care : Lillian Bonner DVM CVA


Wakelin and Noble Stable has employed the care of integrated veterinarian Lillian Bonner since 2006. Lillian is a veterinarian who emigrated from the USA where she studied equine veterinary medicine at The University of Georgia and she worked in equine referral hospitals. After coming to NZ in 2005, she worked with equine sports medicine and began to incorporate holistic therapy into her western diagnostics and therapy with homeopathy and energetic therapy (Reiki). Awesome Imace, Sunlad and Taia were a few that were treated and went on to be successful under integrated therapy. To further expand in therapeutic options, Lillian spent 6 months back in the USA studying intensive course in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, which includes Acupuncture and herbal therapy.


Now horses in work and competition under the care of Philippa Wakelin and Steve Noble benefit from these therapies that can be integrated with results from diagnostics and treatments performed by their regular veterinarian. Recent horses who have been successfully managed have included Theycallmesam and Sunny Jewel. Philippa and Steve have been successful getting horses to race and win and/or place who were previously thought to be unable to race due to untreatable conditions they had. Either the conditions were felt to be too expensive to invest in unproven horses, or there was simply a limit to what western veterinary care could provide. With this team approach, it is a sustainable health care program for the equine athletes under Philippa and Steve’s care.



Adam White Farrier


When asked to give a reference for Philippa & Steven’s website I jumped at the opportunity, not only are the pair my clients but they have become good friends.

I shoe for many top stables all over NZ and shod countless winners for big stables and owners but when I was contracted to shoe for Pip & Steve we were faced with a few changes. We had to work through alignment and gait issues which were causing soundness and interference problems. I admire their partnership and professionalism when it came to discussing the required procedure to repair these problems.

Some trainers I shoe for still tell me how to do my job but at Wakelin/Nobel we have an understanding in which we all discuss the best options for each case.

I honestly still think one of my proudest and biggest achievements was the success of "Theycallmesam" winning on NZ cup day. But the work and time I saw put into that horse was amazing, no stone was unturned by Pip & Steve to ensure the win on the biggest race meeting of the year. This isn't a one off, whether horse is a great horse or a poor maiden the same time and effort is given.

I would not hesitate to give Pip & Steve a horse to train as I know they give 110% every day.